Phase II: Week 2

There are three phases of the Warriors Diet. This week we are on phase II: High FatPhase
The purpose of this phase is to train the body to maximize the utilization of fat fuel for energy and thereby activate genes that turn fat storing cells into fat burning cells. 
  Most of the Fat will come from nuts, which I love.

This week should train your body to shift from cravings from carbs (and sweets) into craving fat foods. SO, this week I am promising to  give up sweets until next sunday :(. Let's see if I can make it happen.

The book details the eating plan for the week which you can find here. Because I am a total binge eater :X, I don't eat for 20 hours than I consume all my calories in a period of 4 hours so my plan will look like this:

Morning       1 glass of warm water with lime
                    Green tea

Mid Morning: Coffee

Lunch:            Coffee

** I need to drink 1L of water

                      Protein shake -  2 scoops of protein, .5 cup of almond milk, 50g strawberries
                      Salad- Lettuce, spinach, tomato
                      1oz feta
                      1 tablespoon of dressing
                      Steamed veggies- broccoli, green beans

                      3 oz of shrimp
                      1/2 c edamame
                      1/4 c of quinoa

                      Protein Shake- casein shake
                      Greek yogurt
                      30g Pecans
                      28g silvered almonds
                      Stevia packet (2)

This is the macros I will be following :

I track all my meals on myfitnesspal.com.

Weekly Goals:
- Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day 
-NO Sweets until Sunday, on sunday I will have a bake off :)(: for halloween YAY!!!
I weigh myself on Sunday morning too!!!

My meals will change from day to day  so this is just a sample.


Watch me work

Name a diet, I've probably done:
- 3 day diet 
- grapefruit diet
- cabbage soup diet
And the list goes on and on yet, here I am talking about needing to lose weight,  which clearly means diets don't work. It's all about changing the way you eat, changing the relationship you have with food and that is what I am trying to do. Obviously, it's easier said then done and to be hobest with you, if there is one thing that I've learned is that no one thing works for everyone. You have to work with your body and see how your body reacts. Exercise is also important. You have to move, you have to be active. If you've never exercised before start slow, nothing too crazy. Find something you like whether it be dancing or swimming or jumping, find the one thing that Actually makes you happy and doesn't feel like a chore. You're going to need to because we are talking  about long term changes here. It's up to you and only you to make those changes and they have to be easy doable otherwise you'll find yourself back at step one. Which is where I find myself now. 
You see, I am an all or nothing type of girl and that probably works for some people but not for me. I am either giving 100% or -100% and more often than not I find myself on the negative spectrum which is why I have to change my approach. Change is good, change is positive. 

Girl on a mission

I am on a mission to get in the best shape of my life. So much has changed in my life recently. After graduatin college in June 2013, I ended a 5 year relationship and moved to the DC metropolitan area. I managed to keep well balance between being an unpaid intern and fitness but when I finally got a full time job  that all changed. All of a sudden I am exhausted, I find no interest in working out and I find myself over indulge in way to sugary foods. 10 extra pounds later, I am here..  Sitting on a metro, running late to work, once again, feeling fat and bloated. I wore a dress because I am pretty sure nothing else in my close fits. I feel uncomfortable and unattractive. My confidence level is non existent and I've realized my uncomfortableness is perspiring I my job. I don't want to do anything, I just want to lay in bed all day and do nothing at all. I am not in a good place at all. I've allowed myself too many distractions including wasting my time with boys and a few men.  And I say, wasting my time, because I knew going in that I wanted to have nothing serious with any of them. Because of boredom I allowed myself to waste my time. So pretty much I have hit rock bottom in all aspects of my life. Now I am left to pick up the pieces of what was once and overly confident, happy in a long term relationship, fit girl.

**if this is how you feel rigt now, know you are not alone. If I can do, 
it you can too. No need to wait untill Monday or next month or the new year. Let's start together, today!! Join me on my fitness journey. It will be long and hard but I promise you it will be worth it!!!!!**


Sometimes you have to fall...

So you can pick yourself back up and succeed. 
If you read my previous  post, it was not to positive. I was down in the dumps, recovering from a gym injury and binge eating...
I was eating because I was sad, I was eating because I was depressed, I was eating because I was hurt, anxious, happy, desperate, I was eating because I wanted to eat. For about 3 days straight I ate everything I could find and stuff in my mouth. It was BAD. And of course, as the cycle of binge eating goes because I was depressed that I ate all the cookies, I felt Fat,  so I ate more cookies... as if that would make me feel better?!

I remember one time I read an excerpt from the book "The Day I Ate Everything I Wanted" from  Elizabeth Berg, (Read the excerpt here) It felt a little like that. I was trying to stuff as much food in my mouth  before the day was over because obviously, I was starting my diet the next day. Isn't that what we always say, I'll start my diet tomorrow. Yeah well, tomorrow never comes. Eventually, after 3 days, I feel disgusting. I do not mean it as in I hate myself disgusting, literally, my body feels disgusting.  I mean can you imagine after three days of stuffing flour, fats, more fats and sugar down your throat, how would you feel?

After I loathed in my misery for a while I decided to do something...I went back to the drawing board. There has to be something lacking in my diet that is causing me to binge so out of control. I think it is to restrictive. I talked to a couple of friends who suggested I started counting macros to make sure I am getting enough nutrients. I will have a whole blog about macro nutrients. Right  whats important for you to now is that I am doing better. And I will be Successful at this. Sometimes you just have to fall to pick yourself back up and succeed.  

Tomorrow (no pun intended, or I should say later on today, it is 1 am here in California) I will post more info on macros and what my new nutrition plan and goals will be. Right now it is bed time. Good night my fellow bloggers.



Feel that I am losing all control on my eating healthy situation. I feel so defeated and weak. I hate this feeling and I  do not know what to do. To make matters worse I injured myself at the gym. I have never suffered an injury from my workouts until yesterday. I dropped and 80 LBS dumbbell on my foot. Thankfully, it did not fall straight on, but it did bruise my foot and left me linmping. It is so unfortunate because I will be out of the gym for at least 2 days if not more. I am just trying to let it heal. Like I said I was lucky but at the same time devestated. I knew right away it would prevent me from giving 100%. I am already struggling with my diet and this was the last thing I needed. I am so depressed and wonder what it will take for me to get  back on "the wagon". I feel so desperate. I had never fell   off so bad  and I can not see an end. I need help.


The down side to losing it

For this of you who have been following me for a while you know this journey has not been easy. Like many of you, I've had ups and down and time where I just went round and round...literally. Although, I am not at the end of my goals I am much closer than before and I am actually pretty thin; thinner than I have ever been before. With this, comes many comments, some even unwanted. I've never thought I'd  be here. I am the lowest health weight that I've ever been, between 124-127. And sometimes people don't understand my fitness goals. I get all sort of comment and reactions such as "you look like a twig " "eat a sandwich" "Do you eat" "girl you're so skinny". You might be thinking, oh well why is she complaining, I'd be lying to you if I didn't want these type of comments at one point. But it's much more than that. People have shoved food in my face even after I said I didn't want any. To be honest my goal isn't to be skinny it's to be fit and I have a long way to go. I have to learn to ignore comments and actions and keep focused. It's weird to be on the other side of the spectrum, where before it was comments like "you sure you want seconds" or "someone gained weight", rude comments  are still hurtful sometimes, even when your "skinny".


Is anyone there, Hello it's me Debora

I have been thinking about blogging for a real long time but I just had not done it until now. In many ways, I am glad because I don't want it to be like before. I want to feel committed and see this through, which I do, Now. I came back because this is helpful for me. Not only can I clear my mind but it also makes me feel accountable. I want to continue my journey with fitness and exercise. I have came so far yet, it seem like I keep sabotaging my own goals and I don't know why. Am I scared that I will never get there? Am I scare that when i do, I wont like it? I mean what does even getting there mean? It is not a certain place, location or anything. How will I even know when I am there? Am I there now? Well, I don't know for certain but I know that as far as my fitness goals,  I am not there yet but I am close. Although,  have recently felt discouraged I wil not give up. I know I have a long way to go but I can not feel discouraged. I will not give up. I am 100% determined and focused. This time it will be different, I know it.



Happy 2013 everyone!!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years I know I did. I spent it with my best friend her boyfriend from New Zeland and my boyfriend.  So much has been happening since I last blogged. I want to make more of an effort to blog. It's mainly for me and it helps get my thoughts down so I am glad to be back. As I told you a couple blogs ago this mainly started as a fitness/weight loss but I want to shift it to focus on everything: health, beauty, love, life, advice etc., so as fitting this being my new post of 2013 I want to talk about my New Years resolutions

Here they are in no specific order:
-finally get the body of my dreams, I deserve it!! I am not talking about a specific goal weight or to be skinny I am talking about fit, healthy and strong.
- eat clean for 90 days. Ideally this would continue for the rest of the year but I need a place to start
- run more
- organize and prioritize and spend my time wisely.
- enjoy life, take time to appreciate what I am doing.
- be more grateful
- love more and give more
- travel more I want to go to the Grand Canyon, Tahoe, Vegas, and or Chicago or Washington, D.C.
- be able to do 20 pull ups by the end of the year
- go for a jog in sports bra and shorts/pants no shirt :)
- sleep more  I work grave yard hours, this one will be tough
-take the GRE and GMAT and do well
-Apply to grad schools/ peace corps

So here is my list, it's a little long but it will be great to see how many of these things I accomplished. What are your New Years resolutions?