Taking Time Off

Hey guys,
as you know that I was doing  a challenge where I was going to eat clean and exercise twice a day for 30 days, it was a bikini challenge I made for myself however, that has now been put on hold. I had a real bad tooth ache and went to the doctor on Monday and it was my wisdom tooth and I needed to get it extracted asap. I went in today and had it pulled out. Let me tell you I as so so so nervous. Thankfully the tooth  was not impacted, it was already exposed and all it took was a little general anesthesia and pressure and the tooth came out. Now I am sitting in bed resting. I am icing it every so often so the swelling will go down and I will probably take a nap soon. Thankfully, I don't work until Friday night and might not go to school tomorrow. I can only eat soft foods so jello, pudding and Atkins shakes for me. Tomorrow it will be vegetable juices all day. As for working out, I can't most likely until monday.  I do not want to get dry socket :/. Until later my loves!




If you have read my previous post you should know I am looking for motivation, I need to find a way to take my diet/exercise to the next level. Besides planning on eating clean (nothing processed, no bread, grain, pasta starch) I also plan on taking my exercise to the next level. Starting Monday I will be doing twice a days, meaning I will be workout twice a day. I plan on continuing this until May 9th which will end with a visit to my schools nutritionist where he will take my weight and body fat percentage. I am excited, I have something to be accountable to. Besides the scale, I have bought a bikini which I plan on debuting soon after the 9th of May and I will take pictures with it progressively. Here are the starting shots:
 I hate taking mirror shots, they never do justice or they exaggerate (by exaggerate I mean make it look better thanyo look, and this clearly was not one of those cases,....)the looks so I took different shots in different places with both my iPad and Camera.
Here is another shot, I can see ab line, can you? NO :(

 Expect the next shoots in a week on t he 16th, 23rd, 30th, finishing with the 9th of May.

Wish me luck!!

Debora Hernandez


Quick check-in

Okay so weighed myself on Wednesday and I was 130.5, have not lost or gained a significant amount. I am trying. I have been going to the gym almost daily, 6 days a week but I can get the whole eating clean thing down for a significant amount of time. I am not quite sure how to take it to the next level. I guess it does not help I am in a safe zone (weight wise). I do not know what to do, should I start a goal list? what do you guys do when you need a little extra motivation?

On another note I took my kitty kat to the vet today, here are some pictures of the baby:

Here she is at the vet, yearly check-up. I found out she is a little overweight and needs to go on a low carb diet like her mama. 

All buckled up. She has a cat carrier but my older sister borrowed it, this was an unexpected visit because earlier this week she lost her "meow. But she is okay, just  a little overweight.