I have been contemplating making a goals page for a while and never got around to it until now. There are several goals I have in mind:
My ultimate goal is the lose 20 pounds, lower my body fat to 15% or lower
  • My first goal weight is :130
  • Ultimate goal: 120
  • Final goal: 115
Other goals:
These I am not sure when I will achieve them but I promise you I will strive everyday to get to my goals
  1. 10 pull ups with no support
  2. 20 pull-ups no support
  3. By the end of the summer I want to be able to go jogging with out a shirt on, just sports bra and bottoms. The goal is probably more important than losing 15 pounds and I only hope I can one day make it happen. I gave myself until the end of the summer, you'll have to follow my journey and see if I make it happen. 

I might add stuff as time goes by but I feel like this are all attainable and important to me for the time being.

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