Phase II: Week 2

There are three phases of the Warriors Diet. This week we are on phase II: High FatPhase
The purpose of this phase is to train the body to maximize the utilization of fat fuel for energy and thereby activate genes that turn fat storing cells into fat burning cells. 
  Most of the Fat will come from nuts, which I love.

This week should train your body to shift from cravings from carbs (and sweets) into craving fat foods. SO, this week I am promising to  give up sweets until next sunday :(. Let's see if I can make it happen.

The book details the eating plan for the week which you can find here. Because I am a total binge eater :X, I don't eat for 20 hours than I consume all my calories in a period of 4 hours so my plan will look like this:

Morning       1 glass of warm water with lime
                    Green tea

Mid Morning: Coffee

Lunch:            Coffee

** I need to drink 1L of water

                      Protein shake -  2 scoops of protein, .5 cup of almond milk, 50g strawberries
                      Salad- Lettuce, spinach, tomato
                      1oz feta
                      1 tablespoon of dressing
                      Steamed veggies- broccoli, green beans

                      3 oz of shrimp
                      1/2 c edamame
                      1/4 c of quinoa

                      Protein Shake- casein shake
                      Greek yogurt
                      30g Pecans
                      28g silvered almonds
                      Stevia packet (2)

This is the macros I will be following :

I track all my meals on myfitnesspal.com.

Weekly Goals:
- Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day 
-NO Sweets until Sunday, on sunday I will have a bake off :)(: for halloween YAY!!!
I weigh myself on Sunday morning too!!!

My meals will change from day to day  so this is just a sample.

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