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I have always struggled with my weight. Growing up I went on a lot of extreme diets from the 3 day diet to the  cabbage soup diet. You name it I have probably been on it. It was not until high school when I reached my heaviest.
My story in pictures:

This a picture from Prom. It is suppose to be one of the happiest days of a teen girls life however, I felt fat and uncomfortable.

160 LBS
May 2008
June 2008 --->
 Same with High School Graduation. I have very few pictures because I did not want to take any. Why would you when you hate the way you look?

168 LBS (Heaviest weight)

It has been a long road but I started eating healthy in 2009.  I began a high protein low carb diet and reached 137 in 2012. 

137 LBS.
January 2012

 Finally reached my goal weight of 130. Read the post here. I was ecstatic but still knew  had more weight too lose.

 I have been at 130 for a while now. My weight goes up and down + or - 2 pounds. and this has been frustration, I have an ultimate goal of 125 and a desired weight of 120. I am working hard to get there. I am determined to shake off the distractions and make it happen.

The road has not been easy. Sometimes I just want to give up but I have not. I am determined to get the las 3 pounds off. I just finished reading The Abs diet for women book and plan to follow that plan. Follow my journey, click here!!

      JUNE 2008 with my beastie Angie.               JUNE 2012 with the Beastie @ her graduation.
168 vs. 128

A lot has changed in my life, I graduate college and have recently started working full time and have gained about 10 LBS.

Current weight (10/18/13): 139 :(

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