Girl on a mission

I am on a mission to get in the best shape of my life. So much has changed in my life recently. After graduatin college in June 2013, I ended a 5 year relationship and moved to the DC metropolitan area. I managed to keep well balance between being an unpaid intern and fitness but when I finally got a full time job  that all changed. All of a sudden I am exhausted, I find no interest in working out and I find myself over indulge in way to sugary foods. 10 extra pounds later, I am here..  Sitting on a metro, running late to work, once again, feeling fat and bloated. I wore a dress because I am pretty sure nothing else in my close fits. I feel uncomfortable and unattractive. My confidence level is non existent and I've realized my uncomfortableness is perspiring I my job. I don't want to do anything, I just want to lay in bed all day and do nothing at all. I am not in a good place at all. I've allowed myself too many distractions including wasting my time with boys and a few men.  And I say, wasting my time, because I knew going in that I wanted to have nothing serious with any of them. Because of boredom I allowed myself to waste my time. So pretty much I have hit rock bottom in all aspects of my life. Now I am left to pick up the pieces of what was once and overly confident, happy in a long term relationship, fit girl.

**if this is how you feel rigt now, know you are not alone. If I can do, 
it you can too. No need to wait untill Monday or next month or the new year. Let's start together, today!! Join me on my fitness journey. It will be long and hard but I promise you it will be worth it!!!!!**

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