Sometimes you have to fall...

So you can pick yourself back up and succeed. 
If you read my previous  post, it was not to positive. I was down in the dumps, recovering from a gym injury and binge eating...
I was eating because I was sad, I was eating because I was depressed, I was eating because I was hurt, anxious, happy, desperate, I was eating because I wanted to eat. For about 3 days straight I ate everything I could find and stuff in my mouth. It was BAD. And of course, as the cycle of binge eating goes because I was depressed that I ate all the cookies, I felt Fat,  so I ate more cookies... as if that would make me feel better?!

I remember one time I read an excerpt from the book "The Day I Ate Everything I Wanted" from  Elizabeth Berg, (Read the excerpt here) It felt a little like that. I was trying to stuff as much food in my mouth  before the day was over because obviously, I was starting my diet the next day. Isn't that what we always say, I'll start my diet tomorrow. Yeah well, tomorrow never comes. Eventually, after 3 days, I feel disgusting. I do not mean it as in I hate myself disgusting, literally, my body feels disgusting.  I mean can you imagine after three days of stuffing flour, fats, more fats and sugar down your throat, how would you feel?

After I loathed in my misery for a while I decided to do something...I went back to the drawing board. There has to be something lacking in my diet that is causing me to binge so out of control. I think it is to restrictive. I talked to a couple of friends who suggested I started counting macros to make sure I am getting enough nutrients. I will have a whole blog about macro nutrients. Right  whats important for you to now is that I am doing better. And I will be Successful at this. Sometimes you just have to fall to pick yourself back up and succeed.  

Tomorrow (no pun intended, or I should say later on today, it is 1 am here in California) I will post more info on macros and what my new nutrition plan and goals will be. Right now it is bed time. Good night my fellow bloggers.

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