Feel that I am losing all control on my eating healthy situation. I feel so defeated and weak. I hate this feeling and I  do not know what to do. To make matters worse I injured myself at the gym. I have never suffered an injury from my workouts until yesterday. I dropped and 80 LBS dumbbell on my foot. Thankfully, it did not fall straight on, but it did bruise my foot and left me linmping. It is so unfortunate because I will be out of the gym for at least 2 days if not more. I am just trying to let it heal. Like I said I was lucky but at the same time devestated. I knew right away it would prevent me from giving 100%. I am already struggling with my diet and this was the last thing I needed. I am so depressed and wonder what it will take for me to get  back on "the wagon". I feel so desperate. I had never fell   off so bad  and I can not see an end. I need help.

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