Taking Time Off

Hey guys,
as you know that I was doing  a challenge where I was going to eat clean and exercise twice a day for 30 days, it was a bikini challenge I made for myself however, that has now been put on hold. I had a real bad tooth ache and went to the doctor on Monday and it was my wisdom tooth and I needed to get it extracted asap. I went in today and had it pulled out. Let me tell you I as so so so nervous. Thankfully the tooth  was not impacted, it was already exposed and all it took was a little general anesthesia and pressure and the tooth came out. Now I am sitting in bed resting. I am icing it every so often so the swelling will go down and I will probably take a nap soon. Thankfully, I don't work until Friday night and might not go to school tomorrow. I can only eat soft foods so jello, pudding and Atkins shakes for me. Tomorrow it will be vegetable juices all day. As for working out, I can't most likely until monday.  I do not want to get dry socket :/. Until later my loves!


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  1. I had to have one of my wisdom teeth taken out at the hospital a couple of years ago because it was growing horrizontal instead of vertical. It was really painful afterwards, I couldn't eat much, talk much. I was doped up on loads of meds. So I know how you're feeling. With all the will and best intentions in the world sometimes things like illness get in the way. I'm sure you will get back on it once you've recovered x