Hello there Stranger

I have been gone for a while and so much has happened. First of all, my tooth healed great I was out of the gym for about one week. Then I was in and out of the gym throughout. My diet was actually great but I have been missing the exercise part not that I haven't it just was not  consistent. Any who, this post is about getting back on track but most importantly something that happened to me recently.

The Elephant in the Room
This might be a TMI moment so please bear with me, I had a cut on my breast which was bothering me, I thought it was a possible scratch. I work the graveyard shift and on Thursday after work (it was technically Friday in the wee hours of the morning) I was in the bathroom checking it out. For whatever reason I was persuaded to feel around and discovered a lump. Yes a lump. I was not scared but I felt the need to call my boyfriend. I was a little freaked out, I will admit. I mean I am 21 years old I should not be worrying about breast cancer. I am at my ideal weight and am physically active, if I would have to rate my diet I'd give it an overall B-. So what is this lump?
This all happened on Thursday, I went to the doctor's today. She said she felt there was nothing to worry about but she sent me to have an ultrasound done because it feels hard and the area around it is sore therefore it might be a cyst.

Wake up Call
This is unfortunate but it is eye opening, I will never miss a breast self exam again. I will continue to watch my health and this is what I needed to take my healthy search to the next level. If you have been following my blog you will notice I have been struggling with finding an inspiration to take me to the next level and I think this is it. The health scare made me feel the need to pursue a healthier life style with less processed food and more fruits and vegetables. It is only what I deserve and what all of us deserve. Our body is our temple and it needs the proper fuel to keep us going for years to come.

Ill keep you guys updated on my heath but I feel I have nothing to worry about.

Bye for now,

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