I never know what to title my post so I titled this oneUntitled. I am so frustruated with myself, it seems I take one step forward and not 2 but 3 steps back. I am tired of having a bad relationship with food, I do not use it as fuel I seem to abuse it, sometimes. What can I do to change this relationship? There is always more than one excuse to not follow through on my diet plan, whether it is a party, work potluck, event etc. Will I ever figure it out and fight my way through or will I continue stumbling, just getting by? For know I came across the Ultimate 10 day plan to trim fat from good . It was on the Dr, Oz show. I plan to do this diet for the next 10 days, similar to what I usually do on a good diet day. I don't know if I have lost all hope in myself or what but lets see where this takes me. Night!

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