Hello, do you remember me?

Well I have been gone for literally forever. My last post was published May 21 I believe, It has been a little over 2 months, well I am alive and well.  In those 2 months I have struggled to lose weight. Like previous post my weight goes from 127-132 depending on my eating habits but I cannot get lower than 130 ( for more than a day), that has become my plateau weight.

It has been tough mentally because most of the time my diet is both healthy, varied and includes low carb, high protein. It has been extremely frustrating.  I know I have posted before that it is not about the weight and honestly it isn't, but when your doing the "right" things and the scale is not budging it is discouraging.  I was letting the weight on the scale get to me to the point where it was sabotaging my life. No weight loss = binge day however, I have never gave up because in the back of my mind I was doing it to become healthy. I decided to stop weighing myself, everyday, and start focusing on how I felt. Let me tell you that  when I eat health, when I diet and exercise I DO NOT feel "fat" nor bloated. The last couple of days in June and July I was focusing on that but I still one to lose 10 pounds so I decided to do something about it.

The next couple of post will detail what I have been doing in detail, I have already lost 4 pounds :).


  1. Welcome back! It's nice to see you have returned.

    I totally agree that it isn't all about the weight loss but is soul destroying when you've eaten so well and exercise regularly and the scale just won't budge. It makes me want to binge as well because I think if I'm being this good and not losing weight sod it I'm going to eat cake!

  2. you are right, i am focusing on what my goals are and they go beyond a number on the scale. I am reworking my diet and exercise.