Checking In

I have been on this journey for a while and sadly it is something I will probably struggle with all my life. But looking back I have made great strides. Before this blog I was 169 pounds, my heaviest.  Currently, I am weighing in at 129.9 with my plateau weight being 130. It is been hard because I feel I have been doing all the right things but not losing weight however, after reflecting I realized I need to go beyond that number in the scale and realize how much stronger I am today then I was in the past. I can actually do push-ups (off my knees), I see muscle definition on my arms and legs. There are other ways to measure success besides my weight. I am trying to focus on those things and not so much on the scale. I am cycling my carbs and calories with  low calorie/carbohydrate day and high calorie/carbohydrate day. I feel good but I am never hungry and sometimes I am literally forcing myself to eat, but I do it to eat 5-6 times a day. I plan to continue to check in and let you know how it is going.

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