Keeping up the good work

I am almost sure you guys have seen saying similar to this before. I know I have and it has a lot to do with what I am blogging about today. I do not know if you recall my last post but I had gotten back from Vegas and I was really determined to change my diet and exercise and step it up a notch and I have. Surprisingly I have done real well so far, mind you it has only been 4 day LOL but hey 4 days on a health streak is better than 0...Props to me. The hardest thing has been to not weigh myself, I do not know why I am so obsessed with my weight like wtf?? I have been so tempted to step on the scale but I am not, I refuse. I really doubt I have lost much weight. I did come back from Vegas 2 pounds heavier from my 'normal' weight so I probably just lost those 2 pounds, I mean come on it has only been 4 days so it is only understandable. Plus, I want to measure my success not only by the scale but also by how I feel and I feel good. I never regret a workout or eating healthy, that is for sure.
My "diet" started on Tuesday and I also began a new workout. It is extremely intense but I LOVE it. Phase 3 of livefit trainer is not for the faint heart,as Jaime, the creator of the workout, likes to say. I am completely drenched in sweat when done lifting weight, can you imagen that. The reason is that she, Jaime Easton, includes active rest in between reps. You find yourself lifting doing jumprope and lifting again. It is intense but I am getting my workout there is not doubt about that. I am looking forward the results.
  On another note my work vacation was over yesterday :( , it time to go back. Sometimes I wish I was rich so I would not have to work but hey this is life.

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