"Real Weight Gain"

When I weighed myself on Friday I knew I had not gained 3pounds in a day, that seems impossible (requires the consumption of 10500 calories, which I can not intake in one day ). Although I was weighing in at 133, I knew it was most likely due to the amount of food I ate the day before, the composition of the food (salty fried food most likely bloating me) and the fact that I had not had a bowel movement. It was scary nonetheless, to see that number staring back at me. 133 is closer 135 than 130 and I had worked hard to get rid of those 5 pounds and did not intend on gaining it  back.  So, even when  I knew that the possibility of going to the bathroom and waiting a day would take me back to my "normal weight" of 130 I was scared and disappointed, it was a never again moment.  I am glad I had that wake up call. Lately I have been feeling defeating and not in the right mindset. Today I stepped on the scale and was down to 128.2.  You might think it is stupid for me to obese so much but at one point in my life I was 167.9 and I still feel  like that big girl from time to time.

That's me on the right (I have very few photos of me from that time, I wonder why)
 My struggle with my weight and body are not over. If I'd have to measure my success I'd say I am at the halfway point of where I am suppose to be. My stomach  is my main "problem  area" and I have insecurities, like many other individuals.  In previous post I explain I  will try to obsess less about weight and I will, but it is easier said than done. Now that I am back to my "normal weight" I will stop weighing myself every day. Losing weight is still a priority but I need to focus on changing my relationship with food,  NO more binge days, that is not healthy for anyone. NO more using junk food as a treat. I have to reevaluate my goals and remember why I started this in the first place, I wanted to be healthy and fit, sometimes a number on the scale can not measure those things.

Moving on the a lighter note, there is a blog I follow called The Road to Less Cake, it is also the journey about a  young lady, Nikki, who  like myself trying to get fit and eat less cake (hmmmm....sounds exactly like my struggles). She is such an great  blogger, she has been doing great  on her road to less cake, today post was on Marilyn Monroe.  She passed away 50  years ago today. Nikki has a great post with picture of Miss Marilyn (click here to read), inspired by her I decided to post my all time favorite picture of miss Marilyn

I came across this picture a couple years back at a poster sale, I love it. I think it has to do with the fact that she is lifting weights although, as a weight lifter myself I have to say  her grip seems weird almost a bit off but who cares, it's Marilyn Monroe!!
 Anyways,  keep checking back on my progress I promise I will buckle down with my eating habits and I will keep posting on my successes and my not so successes. 

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