These are my confessions (Singing voice)

I thought about not blogging about this but I figured I should, I owe it to all of those who are going to the same struggles. I went to the orange county fair yesterday with my boyfriend. The fair is known for its greasy food, carnival games and crazy rides. There were tons of food vendors and food trucks, anything from fried oreos, fried twinkies even fried frog legs. Pretty much fried food galore. I did not eat any of this things in particular but I did share a mexican funnel cake :/ with the boyfriend.

  I did not have anything super unhealthy but I ate stuff that is not part of my diet and a lot of it .

I did eat some waffle fries!
Well I said I was not going to weigh myself but ended up doing so and it was scary , I am weighing in at 133. I had not seen this number in such a long time it is scary. It scared me so much I was not even sure how to approach my meal plan. Many diets recommend a fast day after a beinge day but I  work today an 11hour  day and not eatting is not going to fly. I decided to eat very lean, small meals and take snacks to work. This is like my regular meal plan except I know I have very few slip up room. Maybe this is a good thing, maybe this will scare me straight and I will not beinge eat.

Here I will leave you with some other pictures of the fair:
Boyfriend and I

with my favorite Italian chef- Fabio Viviani

Here are some pictures of some of the decadent food sold at the fair (I did not eat this):
Fried Oreos

HUGE sausage dog

chocolate covered bacon 

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