Welcome to Downerville

Hello welcome to Downervile where everything seems horrible....

Yep that is me, literally right now laying in bed feeling sad. I have not gone to the gym in 2 days and all  I have done is eat and lay and dwelling in my sadness. It all started yesterday. I was doing so well I was feeling healthy and seriously I thought my stomach was getting flatter, I felt GOOD. Then I decided to weigh myself and I had gained weight. But I had been doing so good I thought it was almost impossible to gain weight, but  I did and I was disappointed. That triggered a day of eating and now I am in my self loath feeling bad, bloated and sad. Although, I feel this is worse I am really depressed. I do not know what is wrong. I am just sad real sad, I almost cried a few times today for no reason. Whenever I feel this low I try to find something to make me feel better, I decided to donate blood. But guess what, I could not even do that, my iron was a point to low. Not even the blood bank wanted my blood...le sigh.    Anyways there is no better cure to feeling depressed than just going through it, accepting it and shaking it off. Tomorrow is a new day, a new beginning and the opportunity to better myself but for now it just me trying to pick my self up. Until tomorrow, I hope your day is going a lot better than mine. 

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  1. We all have down days. It happens it's how you pick yourself up that matters.

    Regarding your weight gain. Did you weight yourself at your normal time? Did you weigh yourself on the same day as you usually do? Did you have a big meal the night before? These can all be factors for "weight gain" but it is not real weight gain. Usually food laying heavy in your stomach or bloating.

    If you've been doing quite a bit of exercise it could be muscle gain not weight gain. Maybe invest in scales that show you body fat and weight? Then you can see if you're body fat is going down?