Happy 2013 everyone!!!
I hope everyone had a fabulous New Years I know I did. I spent it with my best friend her boyfriend from New Zeland and my boyfriend.  So much has been happening since I last blogged. I want to make more of an effort to blog. It's mainly for me and it helps get my thoughts down so I am glad to be back. As I told you a couple blogs ago this mainly started as a fitness/weight loss but I want to shift it to focus on everything: health, beauty, love, life, advice etc., so as fitting this being my new post of 2013 I want to talk about my New Years resolutions

Here they are in no specific order:
-finally get the body of my dreams, I deserve it!! I am not talking about a specific goal weight or to be skinny I am talking about fit, healthy and strong.
- eat clean for 90 days. Ideally this would continue for the rest of the year but I need a place to start
- run more
- organize and prioritize and spend my time wisely.
- enjoy life, take time to appreciate what I am doing.
- be more grateful
- love more and give more
- travel more I want to go to the Grand Canyon, Tahoe, Vegas, and or Chicago or Washington, D.C.
- be able to do 20 pull ups by the end of the year
- go for a jog in sports bra and shorts/pants no shirt :)
- sleep more  I work grave yard hours, this one will be tough
-take the GRE and GMAT and do well
-Apply to grad schools/ peace corps

So here is my list, it's a little long but it will be great to see how many of these things I accomplished. What are your New Years resolutions?

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