Day 1

Today was a good day, not only was it a beautiful day in California but I got a chance to do one hour and 20 minutes of exercise, Weights and cardio. I felt for, strong and beautiful. I weighed myself around 132.My weight seems to go between 130- 132. Here is my menu plan, although it was not in this order this is what I ate.

I am following the Atkins diet but just increasing my protein intake because my goal is to tone up and lean out. The Atkins diet consists of four phases I am in phase one which promises you, you can lose up to 15 pounds in a week, which by the way is not my goal. You are only allowed to eat 20 net carbs a day and for the first two weeks no fruits, nuts, and the carbs have to come from vegetables. I am also eating Atkins product like their shakes, which by the way are delicious, meal bars and snack bars. I recently ordered there breakfast bars and I think I will be writing a review on their products soon. Honestly, I have tried every diet and this is the only one that seems to work. If you go back to the earlier blogs, you will notice I was reading the Wheat Belly book. Atkins is similar to the diet recommended in the book. The book advises from staying away from all grains, at least at first. Atkins is great because as you move through the phases, it teaches you how to add the grains back in moderation to ensure long lasting weight loss. It would be wonderful if I could quit bread and pasta forever, but I do not want to, I like pasta and bread so I plan to add it back in moderation in the future.I will be able to eat those yummy foods, eventually until know I will continue to work hard. I want to clarify something. I am 5'5 and weight 132. I am not trying to be 110 pounds and a size 0 I am trying to be a strong beautiful women that can do push-ups and pull ups and have muscles. I want to be tone even if that means being 125 or 130 or whatever. I am not worried about weight, I want to be toned. I do understand I have more weight to lose to reach my goal , I have a belly, a little back fat and leg fat and I am trying to lose it. I will know when I get there.

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