SO I have been following Hollie's weight Loss blog (http://www.skinnyhollie.com/). It has been inspirational and enlightening. I need to get on it, these last two weeks I had finals. It was week 10 and finals week of my winter quarter and was super swamped with homework and of course I placed going to the gym on the back burner.
(That was me literally lol). Because I was so busy, some days I was not eating enough others I did not plan what I was eating, so now I am starting anew. I have about 2 weeks off school so I am going to use it wisely. Hollie challenged herself to 30 days of exercise which by the way she surpassed, she is on day 34 read her blog, and I want to challenge myself too. 30 days of at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday, 30 minutes is the bear minimum, I want to do more. The plan is to create a menu plan of 1200 calories a day and for workout I am finally starting phase 2 of live fit trainer and sticking with it for the next 30 days and hopefully beyond. I am working on the menu and workout plan tonight and I hope to blog for the next 30 days, not everyday of course but hopefully often. I like blogging, I like being able to share what I do with people who are interested and it is also nice to have a space to vent so, I need to blog more. On a side note, I bought a new camera and hope to post pictures every so often. Nighty night for now, expect a new post tomorrow. Debora.

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