Day 2-6

The challenge started out well, I managed to go to the gym wednesday-Friday but by saturday I had fell of the wagon. I was contemplating not posting about this, but these things happen so why hid it. Let me start out by saying I have been doing at least 30 minutes of exercise daily (Wednesday -Friday I went to the gym and did both strength training and cardio, Sat-Sun I walked) but as for food I have not been as successful. I have been going out a lot with friends and my boyfriend and I am actually really good at studying the menu and ordering but I have been drinking and alcoholic drinks have lots of hidden calories. Maybe, I need to learn how to order drinks so that I can continue to be successful while still enjoying myself.

Today was a great day. After feeling bad at the fact that on Sunday I ate everything under the sun (I did not binge but ate lots and drank too), I started clean. I worked out in the morning and my meals have been healthy. I even have picture:
Scrambled eggs with grape tomatoes and bell pepper on a bed of spinach :p

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