Where is waldo?

I feel like Waldo, I am still here but I have been MIA. Let me fill you guys in on what was has been happening. First of all I have been losing weight slowly but surly. I am down to 129 from 137, from when I started blogging, that is 8 pounds. I did not measure myself (unfortunately) when I started however, I feel like inches wise I am shrinking. My diet is okay, I am still struggling to eat clean. I eat clean about 90% of the time but it is still that 10% that gets me. I need to eat clean and I am trying therefore I am planing to keep a food journal starting tomorrow. Phase II of my workout starts tomorrow, I am excited but scared. The workouts are more intense and sometimes I get intimidated at the gym and it is discouraging. Here is a look at phase II I promise to blog more often, this promise is to myself btw. Pictures coming soon :). For now bye lovers, followers and fellow bloggers <3, Debora

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