New Beginnings

I only have very few followers therefore most likely you didn't notice but I deleted all the old post and decided to start a new.
Why you might ask?........
Well, I felt embarrassed about all the old post. Looking back, I realized this endless cycle of yo-yo dieting and overeating. I find this in many of the other blogs I follow, with people trying to lose weight. I am not alone and neither are you. Sometimes it is hard to depart from the foods we like and enjoy and I am living proof of that. I eat healthy for one week and then go back to there or four days of unhealthy eating (or at least a weekend). It is both bad for me, my body and my mind.
So back to why I deleted my blog, I deleted it because I hope to change this this bad cycle I adopted, I am starting a anew.
Other changes
I am giving my blog a title, I still have not figured out what it should be. Any suggestions?

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  1. Hey there! Good luck on starting fresh. I know completely how you feel, I started my blog about a year ago and then got off track. Just came back to it a few months ago for a fresh start. As for a blog name try to think of something that says something about you, something you like and what your blog will be about.