How do ya'll deal with cravings?

Sometimes it is hard to say no to the piece of cake, cookie or both and other times food is the only thing on your mind. Recently, I have been following the plan on the Abs diet book and it has been going well. I am rarely hungry, I do eat 6 times a day,  nor do I feel restricted but today the cravings began.  I know to achieve the look I want I have to stay away from sweets, my biggest downfall, for a while. I tend to do real well until I have the first bite of sweet, once that happens its all down the drain from there.

(This are literally my taste buds jumping for joy)
It is as if my tastebuds were dorment and once the sugar touches my tongue they wake up and want to make up for lost time. I know this already so I rather stay away  from sweets because I am serious about make long-term healthy changes.

I can usually follow a meal plan without any "cheats", for lack of a better word, about 2-3 days. Once the 3rd day comes I am craving. It starts with sweets and it is followed by salty foods. I hit that 3rd day today and cravings began but I am not giving in, I did the easiest and best thing I could do and that is just saying NO. I refuse to eat sweets because I do not need them, nothing beneficial will come from them. I just plain and simply ignored my cravings. It is not easy but your an adult, you understand that giving in to the slice of pizza or cake is not going to give you the body you want so, just say NO! It is not  that the slice is bad, it's that if you are anything like me, that slice will be followed by seconds, thirds and even sneaking a little bit more before bed time because tomorrow "you will restart all over so you have to get it while you can and you already cheated might as well make it a good cheat" (literally what I tell myself). Any who, I did the ol' fashion no means no trick and it worked. Successfully completed day 3 :) Let me tell you, not giving in is not so bad, it is al mind over matter, that is all.

Night everyone,


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