New Year's Resolution

Hello fellow Bloggers,
How are you all doing? Can you believe that we are half way through October. Time flies and pretty soon we will be welcoming 2013. There are exactly 73 days until we ring in the New Year. Most people celebrate the New Year by making resolutions on how to better themselves whether it is to quit smoking, quit caffeine and one of the most popular to lose weight/ get in shape. All this New Year talk has made me reflect on my own resolutions and goals. But the fact of the matter is that we do not have to wait until January 1 to begin this we can start this TODAY. So why not....?
I really want to re-evaluate my goals and what I want for myself in my personal life. Focusing on my health is my number one priority and lately my eating habits have not been the best. I seem to have forgotten my own goals and have submerged in the busy task of my day to day life. I go to school full time, I work a part time grave yard, I am in a serious relationship, ETC. There are a lot of things keeping me busy lately but the fact of the matter is that my health needs to be my priority as well. I notice that when I don't eat healthy mentally I am not 100% committed to what I am doing. When I eat high calorie foods I become lethargic, lazy, I do not seem to want to do much. My feelings toward my physical image are also not the most positive, which leads me to over thinking, being negative. It is just a bad cycle. This has lead me to the conclusion that I can either quit on my goals and focus on something else or I can re-evaluate what I want and focus and do what I have to do. There are no reason for me to quit just unjustified excuses.
There are other things I have been thinking about too, for example, I want to transition this blog to more than just my weight loss/health journey into an overall blog about my life. Of course this will include my weight loss but I want to talk about other things too. That is the reason why I started my Abs diet blog.  My Abs diet blog will mainly focus on diet, exercise, weight-loss and this blog will have a little of everything about my personal life. So wish me luck on my journey and follow both of my blogs please.

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