Review of The New Abs Diet Book

First of all let me say I Love, Love, Love this book.  The book is written my David Zinczenko, editor in chief of Men's Health (magaizine), Editor of Women's Health and author of the books Eat This not That. I opened the book and I skimmed through the forward. This is the part of the book I rarely ever read however, as I was skimming  I was shocked it is as if the author knew me, he must have been talking about me. The book introduces what it is going to touch on but also the fact that there are some women who like me will skip going out because of the fear of sabotaging their diets. I do that all the time.  Once I read this I was hooked because I knew this book target audience were women like me. Let's face it we have the right intentions, to be healthy, but for some reason or another find ourself "cheating" on our diet or binge eating.  At this point, I had only downloaded the sample to my kindle but  I knew after reading this I would buy it.
 I continued reading the book it is an easy read.  It has 18 chapters although a lot of the latter chapters are picture of exercise, recipes and workouts. Ziczenko offers facts, studies on why his method work and testimonials. His explanations, even the scientific ones, are easy to understand and the easies part is that there are only 12 power foods he wants you to eat constantly. This does not mean you can only at 12 foods although most of your meals will have at least 2 of the 12 foods.  Nothing is off limits on the diet but he teaches you to make good choices about what you are going to put in you mouth. I am excited for this mew eating plan because I already eat a lot of these foods it is just about the structure the book offers.

It is funny because in my previous post I  mentioned I did not like how it was called Abs Diet, Zinczenko, addresses this issue. He too did not like this word because he associates Diets to something you go on for limit time and when you get off a diet you tend to gain the weight back. This is different because it is about learning how to eat and what to eat.

I purchased for $9.36, the kindle version. It is an inexpensive book that I will forever refer to however, it is not necessary for you to purchase it. There are lots of websites that outline the Abs Diet. The book offers recipes, exercise guides, workouts and testimonials so if you are looking for more in depth information I suggest buy it or going to a book store and skimming through it.
Overall I say buy the book if you can, if you can't read about it online. I am excited about the promising results I read about. I can not wait to start, I have actually created a new blog that will describe the plan more detail as well as my day to day foods, exercise, ab exercise and results. I hope you will follow my journey. Here is to the next six weeks.....

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